Malvern to Hereford

Last year I set myself a goal to fly from the Malverns and land in Aylestone Park, Hereford which my house backs onto. I got about halfway last year, but really have not done well getting out on the right days for cross country flying.

After seeing some great flights yesterday but not getting out myself I was keen to go fly today. My first attempt was short lived. I bombed out at the landing field. After a quick pack up I hiked back up for a second time. It seemed like I had missed the window with not a lot happening. After a bit of waiting around things turned back on and I launched into a rough thermal.

It took some time to get established but as I got higher it got faster and easier. Soon enough I was 2000m up and went on glide. The next climb did not come easily. I was halfway to goal and getting very low. Eventually I was in a climb but struggling a bit. I had no choice but to stick with it. Perseverance paid off and again, as I got higher things got easier.

I came over Hereford with loads of height and could easily have carried on but I was excited to land back at home and tick this off my list.

Xcontest flight details

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