Snowboarding in Chatel

I love getting back to Chatel. Whilst it is great to visit new places and explore – there are also benefits to having some strong local knowledge. This is clearer than ever when a load of fresh snow has fallen and you know exactly where to go to make the most of it without getting yourself into too much trouble. The Rider Social were on hand again to show us the best spots!

Not only do I know where to find some great turns, but I know where to go find the best burger in town.

The wind was up and visibility not so good on Wednesday and Thursday. The snow kept coming and temperatures stayed well into minus figures, keeping it light and fluffy – just the way we like it.Friday was the first bluebird day – so I took the gopro out and filmed a few runs. As ever I need to work on my angles but still got some good shots.

The snow continued to fall as we left making for a tough drive – but left me wanting more snow time! At least I dont have too long to wait.

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