Sunset Foiling in Sandbanks

After a windless Ozone demo day in Poole harbour I was sunburnt and pretty much set on just grabbing dinner early and hitting the road home. I was convinced to stroll down to the sea front for a final wind check. There was more breeze than I expected! It felt pretty steady too so we made the call to suit up and get in there! It was classic 12-15m foil kite and foil board weather. My first foil session since late October. I waded in and got up and going first time – always a good feeling!

The sun was going down, and Sandbanks was looking phenomenal – you couldnt help but smile! It was all going so well – then I felt a familiar tingle in my calf muscle. I hopped off the board and seconds later it happened – my calf locked up. Cramp is a nightmare at the best of times, let alone in deep water. Once it passed I hopped on the board and cruised back to shore. That was the end of my session.

It all looked so good I had to limp to the van, grab the drone and the camera and grab some shots! Check out the video and photos below. I hope we get a lot more sessions like this!

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