Vietnam – Kitesurfing Mui Ne

After a long coach ride we hit Mui Ne, a resort area near Phan Thiet. It is a pretty popular place for kitesurfers to visit looking for warm steady winds and warm waters in winter. Their windy season corresponds with the northern hemispheres winter. The beaches are relatively small but there is enough space to launch and land. Despite a less than stellar forecast we got lucky. The wind is meant to start light and pick up through the day up to about 25knots.

Tuesday morning I slept till 7. Solid improvement. The wind was already howling. We went round the coast to Blue Shell beach resort and set up camp for the day. There was a bunch of new product to check out and test. I went out stacked on a 10m Enduro and had fun in the waves. The water was so warm and salty you were pretty much sweating when you came out if you had been riding hard. The wind died off at lunch time so I grabbed a bite to eat. A couple hours later it was back and stronger than ever. As good as it was watching Paulino and others ride, it was 8m weather now and I wanted to get out there. Another couple of hours smashing waves then the sun was setting and time to head back. I could barely keep my eyes open over dinner so it was an early night for me.

Wednesday morning, the sun is shining and the wind is up again. Back off to the blue shell beach resort. The wind and waves were in the same direction as the day before which worked out well. My lack of hours on the water recently meant I didn’t have much stamina. Before long the sun started to drop and the day was over. Another early night for me.

Thursday was different. We woke to no sign of wind. Not ideal but a rest day was pretty welcome at that point. We went and checked out the red sand dunes in the morning. In the afternoon I did some work, chilled out and soon enough it was dinner time. The final night in Mui Ne was celebrated with a big BBQ. Everyone who had an early flight left after eating. The rest of us stayed and kept sipping beers. As the bar closed we moved to dragon beach – the local late bar/club. Typically I went overboard the day before an early start and a coach ride.

An early start, quick breakfast, packing, then onto the coach for the trek back to the city. I slept most of the way. By midday we were back in Ho Chi Minh. I didn’t need to head to the airport till after 11pm so it was into town to explore some more and grab lunch with Gavin and Charlie from KOW.

A quick shower, some dinner and a load of beers later it was time to say goodbyes and head to the airport to continue my travels. Next stop Tokyo!

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