Biking in the Forest

Another weekend where the wind disappoints. It has been a while since I had been on a proper mountainbike ride so after a little indecision I cruised up into the Forest of Dean. Pretty much as soon as I pulled into the car park I bumped into Marc and Abi, a couple of local friends and tagged onto their ride.

After a bit of faffing – pumping up my flat back tyre, trying to find my missing glove etc I was good to go. To start with they wanted to do a little jump practice. Not my forte. Having barely ridden let alone jumped recently I had a go then got the camera out and took some shots.

I just had the little Sony a6000 on me which is perfect for action with a fast burst, and a single 28mm prime. Nice and lightweight for throwing in my pack all day. The light kept shining through lighting up the jump which looked cool though sometimes it was a bit harsh. As everyone was tiring of jump practice I grabbed a few of a crew flying round a berm. It certainly makes life easier when they ride in bright colours!

After shooting for a while it was getting pretty cold and time to go pedal for a bit. We did an enduro route which was super fun. Really tight and technical and worked those lungs hard! Pretty much what I needed and warmed me up in no time. A good day out!

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