Black Hill to Hay Bluff

Climbing up Black Hill aka the Cat’s Back it was obvious it was not going to be all about the views. Low cloud and drizzle. Within seconds the dog was out of sight though he soon reappeared. I have flown along this ridge from Hay before, as well as walking other sections of Offa’s Dyke path along Hatterall Ridge.

For the first mile or so the ridge is narrow and rocky with steep slopes on either side. After that is widens up and the slopes mellow. Shortly before the final stretch it becomes a peaty bog and the path is made flag stones. It was about 4 miles to Hay Bluff taking just under 2 hours. I still couldn’t see anything by the time I got there, so figured no point hanging around and made my way back.

After a week of trade shows, a few hours in the Black Mountains was ideal.