Black Mountains Sunset Hike and Fly

After a day behind a desk it is good to get out and stretch the legs. I bombed up to the Black Mountains with my paraglider and a forecast that looked like it should work. The original plan was to Hike up Hay Bluff and fly to Black Hill and back.

As I got to the top the wind was blowing across the hill so I kept walking to Black Hill which I knew would be more square to the current wind direction. After an hour of hiking I was there.

The wind had dropped completely though. Not idea now I was an hour away from the car. I could have just walked back but that is not what this was all about. I set up the wing and got ready. As I felt a slight breeze I launched and set off. With the sun setting in front of me it was hard to see the side of the hill making it tricky to fly as close as I wanted to.

My flight was short. At least I had covered ground much faster than if I was walking. At 20mph it only takes 3 minutes to cover a mile. It takes 20 mins to cover the same distance walking. Plus flying is more fun. I packed up and climbed back up the side of the hill to find my next takeoff for a final sunset glide down to the car.