Blackberry Bold 9780 is awesome

blackberry bold 9780

After a year and a half on the HTC Hero, loving Android but hating the less than a day of battery life and the constant dropping of calls as the data connection moved between 3g and 2g I have moved. I am now a Blackberry fan boy. It is almost like some kind of black magic as to how it manages 3 days battery life and doesnt need a mid afternoon top up. The camera is excellent too. My typing has actually improved dramatically in terms of speed and accuracy which allows me to come across less like a dyslexic 6 year old when texting or emailing. I have only had a couple of weeks of playing so far – I have yet to experiment much with other apps. The only downside so far is the browser is a bit crap. I might try some alternatives though like Opera. Loving the whole BBM thing too.

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