Board Mag So Far So Good! - online board mag

On the second of February 2011 Board Mag launched. This was a joint project between myself and fellow board sport enthusiast and industry insider Marcus Woodbridge. We both come from different areas of the industry, myself from the distribution side of things and Marcus from retail.

We are both big into tech and follow the world online believing news should be published when it is still news. On top of that, working online improves posterity. Articles written months or even years ago can still be relevant to people right now, and unless they are available to search online, then they are unlikely to ever be found. On top of that working online fits in better with our busy lives and allows us to schedule content to be releases on set dates and try and keep ahead of ourselves. For that reason we work online and not in print!

As the topic suggests – So far so good. Since starting up we have served 40 000 pageviews to 13 000 unique visitors. We have managed to work with a number of great companies to get great content and build relationships for the future. The best thing about this is that we started in a relatively dead time of year when not a whole lot is happening. We look forward to hitting some bigger milestones! Do not forget to sign up to the Board Mag mailing list as we are giving away loads of stuff!

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