A trip with no work or kiting or snowboarding involved is a bit of a rarity for me. This was 100% recreational with the main purpose being a wedding. I have never been to a city this far East so was keen to explore. Despite a ropey start with the public transport (I shouldn’t have got on a random bus) I soon got my bearings. It helped the hotel was just below the main castle/palace so it was pretty easy to find after that.

The old town was small but pleasant – the older buildings look pretty grand but clearly it was hit badly in WWII. Outside the old town it has an eastern block vibe. It was a great spot to spend a few days walking round hitting up bars and restaurants. At EUR 1.60 a beer it is an ideal place to drink. They are into good beer and cocktails too. Goulash was top notch. I would have no problem going back to Bratislava.

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