Demon Hell Riders – The Rag Factory

Demon Hell Riders The Rag Factory

Demon Hell Riders The Rag Factory
Something a bit different last week – setting up an art show. Being a man with a van is handy as one often needs to transport bulky items. You also become other peoples best friend when they need to transport bulky items. Thats just the way it goes. On this occasion it was a bit of an adventure. After meeting in Bristol at 5pm, we collected the remnants of the previous Demon Hell Riders show, made some modifications to help transportation (read – we cut the karts in half), and set off to Brick Lane – the home of trendiness itself. The van was loaded like it has never been loaded before. There was an inch of space at the top and that was it!

Long story short, it was a smooth drive, a good set up, a late night, an early morning, lots of finishing touches, a good show, an excellent day, a fast pack down and a smooth drive home.

I got to play with the new GoPro a bit and enjoyed its massive fisheye lense, however I had the resolution settings too low so need to play some more.

Here are some pics.

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