It has been a while since I went somewhere just to hang out and explore. No set activity or event. Dubai is not somewhere I had ever been interested in but I believe we should all go everywhere once. The opportunity presented itself and my usual fear of missing out kicked in. Worst case scenario I just avoid the cold for a week.

Never having been to the UAE I was surprised by how modern, clean and safe it was. The city is very new, so transport links are not constrained by old narrow roads – it is more of a grid system. The metro is great and easy to use. Taxis are everywhere too. The abundance of cheap labour means there is no litter and everything is well maintained. Harsh punishments mean crime rates are incredibly low. I felt considerably safer than in any major EU city.

Eating and drinking is not cheap – but it is good. Everything we ate was amazing. Once you get over the fact you cannot just grab a quick beer easily and get used to only hotels having permission to sell booze you soon adjust. Cocktail culture is strong – which I love. Living is so convenient there. Pretty much anything can be ordered in. Everywhere is open till late. The huge number of hotels mean there are no end of bars and restaurants to check out.

Visually Dubai is impressive. Never ending skyscrapers. This is no surprise, but it is still an incredible sight. The Burj Khalifa is truly ridiculous. Hanging out poolside 10 floors up or sipping drinks on a 23rd floor terrace is an amazing experience. I am not sure how long I could keep myself amused there. It is a far cry from my normal life. Still well worth a visit.

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