Early morning Pembrey

I am no morning person so I did not trust myself to get up early and drive to the beach in time for any wind – so I cruised down the night before to make sure I would get the best conditions and make the most of my weekend! I was greeted by a pretty awesome moon on arrival and a clear sky, so after cracking open a beer I went for a little stroll with the camera and took a few shots.

It was pretty late now – I got in my sleeping bag and soon passed out. Next thing I know its daylight and I can hear voices. People are up and getting ready to go ride and it is barely gone half six. A bit keen for me! I needed another hour in bed. An hour later I got up, and hopped into Craig’s van for coffee and cereal. I popped down to the beach to take a look and assess the conditions. It was windy, but the early birds were out on big kites. I spent a bit of time playing with the camera.

I ended up going for the 10m Edge first. My first session on the 2014 model. I felt pretty comfortable straight away and was loving its performance. I can see why people love the Edges so much. As the wind dropped it was time to swap the twintip for the Flyboards Razor. That is going to need some more practice but paired with the Edge it was a great combination. I hopped onto the Zephyr and had some fun in the shallows. Not a bad day – almost five hours on the water.

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