Exploring Les Arcs, Peisey and La Plagne

The guys over at Bura Travel invited me out to stay with them in Peisey for a week in early April. Spring in the Alps is very pleasant so I had to say yes. Spring snowboarding is something I have loved for a long time – it is almost a different sport to winter snowboarding when I am just obsessed with riding powder. Spring is more relaxed and playful. It is about cruising around and exploring and making the most of being in the mountains. The general ambience is just a lot more laid back. The tourists have mostly gone, resorts are quiet and the weather is less punishing.

As soon as I turned up in Peisey and met crew from Bura I was instantly relieved. These are my kind of people. Everyone is here for the right reasons. They were welcoming and accommodating. The first meal is always a good benchmark. Brent really can cook. Everything he made that week was great.

I was joined by some Never Summer UK riders. Dale drove out with me. Andre and Fi drove over from Chamonix to meet up. It is so much nicer to have time to hang out and chat and ride with people when out of the winter sales season. There is no pressure.

The riding areas of Les Arcs and La Plagne are both huge. Linked together they are vast. Peisey is right inbetween the two, so probably one of the best places to be located if you really do want to explore both sides of the valley. The Vanoise Express cable car is impressive, and fast! The village itself is tiny. This is not the spot for those after crazy nightlife. The riding is good though and the access to the whole of Paradiski is great.

One of the perks of spring time is the fact that you can move easily below the snow line and back up. This means the roads are perfect for skating. We went out for a skate photoshoot with Dale. Hiking is also nice with loads of meltwater streams and the valley getting greener by the day.

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