January Snowboarding in the French Alps

Another January and another trip out to the Alps. I was a little more excited this time with some solid snow forecast – the last couple of years have been lacking somewhat in that department. Marcus was on board for the trip – we smashed the drive out to La Clusaz in no time. On the first night we saw clear skies and decided to seize the opportunity for some night time shots. It was tricky but got some ok shots.

First few days was work – running the demo centre promoting next winters Never Summer and SIMS snowboards. I only got a couple rides in. It isn’t all play! There was a little evening drone play.

Once we were done with the work element of the trip, it was time to move from La Clusaz and head to Chatel and hang out with Paul and Fi from The Rider Social. It was raining when we got there – not that inspiring. However the following morning there was snow everywhere and the wind continued to howl. All the Chatel lifts were closed for the day – pretty unusual. We headed down the valley to Cret Beni, a small local resort which was open and got some pow laps in!

The next day Chatel’s lower areas were open so we headed up there. Loads of snow about! It was wicked fun but visibility was tricky with flat light, low cloud, high winds and loads of snow. We rode the NS Swift the whole time in Chatel – it was perfect for the conditions.

Another day riding Chatel – a bit brighter this time meaning we could try some different areas and see where we were going more. Also easier to get photos when it wasnt snowing so hard.

After succumbing to disease and picking up some dirty coughs/flu it was time for a more mellow day. The office jobs havnt really prepared the legs for day after day of endless powder laps. We went for a mellow hike with the cameras up past Cascade Sur Bayard which I hiked last spring. Its always a nice day out on the splitboard.

And some shots from the way down. Another good snowboard trip.

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