Kitesurfing in Montenegro

Not the first destination that pops into your mind for a kitesurf trip! However the coast around Ulcinj is pretty stunning and with a little effort you can find some epic kite spots for foiling, cruising and flatwater. This is not one for wave hounds. We were invited to join FLYSURFER for their annual sales meeting.

Initial impressions were not that great – the country has a considerably lower average income than the UK and a much warmer climate so there is less emphasis on finishing buildings. It gives areas a rougher look. It is also a hugely popular tourist spot and we were there just as the season was over and everyone was winding down. The local climate lends itself to growing amazing fruit and vegetables – there are stands selling produce everywhere!

Eating out is cheap! It is rare for anything other than steak to be over 10 euros. An amazing Italian style pizza is only 5-8 euros and a pint 2 euros. Coke comes in the traditional little glass bottles we rarely see anymore.

The wind is thermal caused by the clouds created when cool north winds pass over the warm land. These then create a sea breeze. As the sea gets warmer the thermals are less reliable. We got to ride 5 out of 7 days though – so not bad. It is big kite weather – perfect for testing Flysurfer kites.

When there is no wind there are plenty of places to explore. We went paddleboarding up the river at Ada Bojana one day checking out the riverside houses. The next day our man with the local knowledge took us up into the mountains through miles of olive groves to see the ruins of Stari Grad Bar, hike in the hills, cool off in rock pools then head back down for lunch. Not a bad way to end the week. I would head back given half a chance!

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