National Watersports Festival 2012

SUP record attempt

I headed down to this event not knowing what to expect. Greg came down to help set up and ride too. The weather was baking which made a nice change for a kite event. The wind was somewhat lacking on the saturday, but we did get the chance to join in a mass paddleboard session in an attempt to break the world record for largest group of paddleboarders. The crowd was led by Roberto Ricci of RRD fame. The problem was getting everyone close enough together to get a good photo. This one by Dave White gives an idea of what it looked like. I am the second paddleboarder from the right, just in front of a black buoy with a mad t-shirt tan line.
SUP record attempt

On sunday the wind did blow a bit. I had a really fun session on the 21m Speed 3 (which is a beast) and then later on the 12m. All in all a great weekend.

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