Ozone Kites – an exciting start to 2013

After signing up to represent Ozone kites in the UK a couple of weeks ago, getting to fly the 2013 range (very briefly in little wind) and ordering a load of demo kites for 2013 – it has all been pretty mad. Christmas is a mad enough time anyway. Now though, it is starting to sink in.

Ozone is one of those brands I have always loved. When I first started kiting I vowed I would never spend £600+ on a kite – that would be ridiculous right? However once I got my student loan payment in and felt rich I got a second hand 03 Ozone Frenzy which changed everything. From there I got 05 Frenzys, then 06 Frenzys, started hanging out with the Ozone team, and even got driving lessons from an Ozone rider at the time. I totally fell in love with kiteboarding. Depower kites made it so easy.

My desire to get on the water led me to inflatable kites after that. An area Ozone were yet to venture in to. After that one way or another I always managed to get hold of ridiculously cheap or free kites. Fast forward 7 years or so, and here we are. I am representing Ozone in the UK, and they have now released what is probably their best line up ever including a dedicated inflatable kite for every riding style, a full snowkite line up and all the amazing foils which got us into kites to start with. It does not get much better than that!

Ozone kite demos coming to a beach near you in 2013!

Here are some old school kiteboarding shots from around 2005.

ps. I will still be representing Flysurfer kites and the other brands I currently represent.

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