Paragliding at Long Mynd

A new site is always fun and this one is pretty close to home. Turning up on a cloudy Wednesday I did not expect to see almost 50 cars there. Between the glider club, the hang gliders and the paragliders there was enough space for all. Once in the air it was no big deal. The ridge is two miles long! As is often the case there were usually more people on the ground than in the air, it just took a few minutes to find a spot to launch.

The forecast was far from perfect with all the cloud cover limiting the sun from hitting the ground. It was good to fly and try and get high and continue getting used to being in a pod harness. The site is a nice layout with the shape of the hill being very friendly for take off with an easily accessible landing field below and plenty of space for easy top landings. Looking forward to another trip there!