Snow season is over!

Having just returned from Snowboard Spring Break (aka one of the best weeks of the year – every year) it is bittersweet. A good time was had but at the same time it marks the end of snow season. The trip went pretty much the same way it always does (if it aint broke…)

  • Last minute planning guaranteeing the weirdest accommodation possible
  • A really long drive
  • The comforting familiarity of the resort and amazing mountain views
  • Checking into the accommodation which is always weirder than you even imagined but you laugh about it (when the going gets weird – the weird turn pro)
  • The smoke filled dingy bar which provides good times, incredibly gassy beer and endless jaeger
  • The epic 35 minute drive up the glacier road lined with sheer drops, where there are always rock falls and hairpin corner after hairpin corner.
  • Slushy pistes lined with hits which you can happily ride for days
  • More schnitzel lunches than I care to admit (everyday)
  • Late nights with copious amounts of beer followed by early mornings
  • A very long drive home

I wouldn’t change it.

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