Storm Desmond hits Porthcawl

I woke up to my phone buzzing. I had slept through my alarm and was meant to be meeting people now, somewhere an hour and a half away. I got up, got dressed, grabbed a peanut butter sandwich, threw some gear together and hit the road. I could feel the wind pummel the van. Once I reached the beach it was obvious there was no mad rush. Storm Desmond was in full swing. I could barely walk along the clifftop. I got sandblasted on the way down to the beach. I finally got to use my 5m REO on the baby 38cmm bar and it performed admirably! The waves were huge, but the wind direction and the amount of water moving about made it hard work. I didn’t last long out there.

After a spot of lunch I headed to Porthcawl and walked out to the point with the camera. I could see waves smashing over the lighthouse. After taking a few snaps I decided to walk round to the town side and grab a few different angles. The power in the waves was spectacular! The spray was dwarfing the lighthouse. Not a great day in the water, but an impressive display of nature!

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