The 365 Steps to the Eagle’s Nest

Today I hit up one of the local viewpoints that has been on my to do list for some time – the Eagle’s Nest – not the Nazi one but a viewpoint in the Wye Valley. The Forest of Dean is a bit of a mobile phone signal dead zone so it would have helped to have the exact directions saved offline but I made it eventually. The roads are at least enjoyable to drive.

There are two ways up to the Eagle’s Nest viewpoint – the easy way or the hard way. I went with the hard way – aka the 365 steps. It is not an arduous hike by any means but it is very uneven ground as well as steep and slippery. Not one for grandma basically, but fine for most.

The view is pretty good – you can see the Wye below and the Severn Estuary in the background. The Severn Bridge is clearly visible with the Cotswolds in the background. On a clear day it would be great!