Freezing in La Clusaz

Last week must be the coldest week of my life. We drove into town in solid snow, the snow tyres got us up the mountain, but it was early and the ploughs had only just started. We grabbed a pain au chocolat and a coffee whilst waiting for the supermarket to open. Once stocked up on supplies it was time to head further up the mountain to the chalet and up the nightmare of a drive. Steep, 90 degree corner, a drop on one side and a foot of fresh snow on top of a layer of ice. Great. The chains just got us up there.

It was all good. The scenery was amazing. After driving all night, the key is keeping yourself busy and entertained so you stay awake. I figured it was time to grab some photos of the new boards. Always handy to have! Once the camera was out it was easy to find things of interest. I just walked around and shot. As I looked back across the chalet I noticed AJ flying down the hill opposite the chalet on a snowboard. I grabbed a quick shot then headed back – I wanted a go. Before I knew it, we got carried away, the shovels were out and we fashioned a jump. After riding the jump for an hour and a few cart wheels it was definitely lunch time. It did not stop snowing till late that evening.

Every morning for the next few days we woke up to temperatures ranging from -16 to -19. The van was not enjoying it at all. It was clear skies day and night giving great sunrises and sunsets. Setting up a stand and being outside not moving too much for 8 hours a day was bitterly cold. A few runs were needed to keep warm – plus I was desperate to check out some of the new boards! Read my thoughts on the new Never Summer Insta/Gator and Maverix here. The cold weather kept the snow in great condition and pistes were as good as they get. The stand was busy too which stops you from dwelling on how cold it was! After three days of testing it was time to hit the road and move on!