The Snowboard Test 2013 aka Snowboard Spring Break

Never Summer test stand

Although not totally convinced on the rebranding to Spring Break – the snowboard test has been a highlight of my annual calendar for years now! An end of season snowboard industry blow out with great spring snow conditions and a bit of work thrown into the mix for good measure. It was great to see more brands and people turn up this year which gave the event a busier feel and made the whole thing more enjoyable.

The snow was noticeably more patchy than last year making some of my favourite lines unridable but there was still plenty to hit nonetheless. It is always fun to hangout with people without the pressures of sales deadlines getting in the way too.

The concept of the test is for shops to ride the boards to help build first hand product knowledge which in turn helps sell the product. It is also a great opportunity to produce unique media (videos, photos). The other major part of the event is the test reviews. A test card is filled for every item tested and these are inputted to a database which magazines then have access to for their buyers guides.

Sir Gilbert and myself
Sir Gilbert and myself – photo by Kaz Wilmer

Looking forward to next year!


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