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Ozone Summit

Ozone SummitI got home at 6am after driving back from France trying to beat the horrific weather forecast. It was just starting to snow but nothing was on the ground. I dismissed the forecasts and went to bed. Two hours later I woke up to see tonnes of snow everywhere. It had dumped almost 20cm. Despite running on little over two hours sleep, I had an urge to open up the box of brand new Ozone snow kites and go snowkiting.

After unloading the van, eating, and sorting out some bits and bobs I grabbed my kiting stuff and hit the road. The winter tyres have been worth their weight in gold in the last 10 days! I picked up Naf and Del and we hit up a local kite spot. The wind was light so I went for the 10m Summit. It set up real easily, went up no problem and before I knew it I was off. It was so nice to be cruising around. The kite felt really stable and delivered really smooth power. I wished I was on a mountain!

Unfortunately the wind was on the light side so not much more than cruising was happening.

As the light started to go the wind went from light to absent so we packed down. At this point I found my snowboard boots did not want to release. It made for an uncomfortable drive and a comedy/painful 20 mins once home to get them off.

The light was awful – my phone shots are shocking, and my camera died. This is what the Summit looks like though!

Ozone Summit 2013

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