Wallop Relocated at EKS

Flysurfer and MBS banners

Hardly a Wallop really, but an excuse to catch up with people is always good – especially when it is only half an hour away. The forecast was terrible, however the rain was holding off so I headed down and set up my banners and had kit for people to demo.

Flysurfer and MBS banners

The wind was really light – which is handy at kite events, as everyone wants to demo my Flysurfer Speed 3s. I had the 15, 19 and 21m kites out as well as a Unity 12m DLX. These small events work well as I get the chance to spend time with individuals who are interested in the kites and set them up for them and chat a bit. The new 2012 MBS boards were also on show.

15 and 21m Flysurfer Speed 3

It was a fun day catching up with people. I even managed to do a bit of riding myself however it was short lived as first I had given out all my kites, then once I got one back the wind was not up to much. My session ended abruptly when I had a nasty encounter with a buggy which resulted in bad friction burns on my legs and a pretty bruised shoulder and sternum. These things happen though and it looked worse than it was. It was the hardest I have hit the deck in a while mind.

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