Waun Fach

The warmest weekend of the year was maybe not the best time to go climb Waun Fach – the highest point in the Black Mountains. My thinking was that beaches, lakes and rivers would be heaving. I am pretty certain that was the case from what I have heard. The walk starts with a long steep climb with only a couple of brief flat or downhill sections until you get to the top and walk along the ridge.

We packed loads of water, some sandwiches, layered on the SPF 50 and headed up. The walk was nice and quiet – only bumping into a few people in hours of climbing. Exactly what I was hoping for. The views were spectacular. Wild horses were grazing round pools of water. We watched gliders take off from the valley below then circling above making the most of the thermals.

It looked like it is often very boggy up there so summer is the best time to head up if you can stand the heat. There is not a lot of shade about. Good climb – and nice to visit one of the less popular spots in the Brecon Beacons National Park.

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