Winter trade shows are over

Never Summer at ISPOWhat an epic 5 weeks starting with Avant Premiere, then ending with Slide in the lovely city that is Telford. Trade shows vary from being fun, like Avant Premiere, which is an on snow board test, meaning you get to go riding a bunch, to exciting and interesting like ISPO where the brands go all out and there is a lot of buzz to downright boring, like Telford. Being the last of all the shows probably does it no favours mind.

It is a pretty exciting 5 weeks nonetheless which certainly goes a long way towards breaking up the monotony of cold days and dark afternoons in winter. You almost get used to living out of a suitcase, but you always miss home and having all the comforts it offers.

The tiredness caused by travel is noticable too. It certainly feels like your doing nothing most of the time, but travel takes its toll! Setting up events is tiring too – just trying to remember to pack everything is stressful. Days of talking to people about the same products gets a bit tough too – though luckily I truly love the brands I sell which makes life a hell of a lot easier. Feel great now I have been home for a solid week!

The highlight is seeing people you dont get to see very often, and the new people you meet.

I need to take more photos too. A lot more. Been very lazy when it comes to that.

Looking forward to getting some kitesurfing done now! The weather has warmed right up already.

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