Beach Break Live 2012

Main stage from the ferris wheel

If you took a bunch of students with no work experience and got them to organise a music festival for students the result would be beach break live. The concept for the festival is great, the actual final result was pretty good too. The run up and organisation however was painful. The ability to make a call without hours of pointless discussion was totally absent. I am not going to talk about the set up day as no good can come of it, or the communication before the event.

However – once there, and with the team assembled and on site – we had an excellent weekend, despite the weather being somewhat crap. One thing I rarely get to do is party with the team riders and hang out without having to ask them to do stuff constantly. Raving it up gave us the opportunity to do just that. It was also a great chance to get some riders who we have not seen for a while back on a board.

All in all an excellent weekend. Unfortunately I barely managed to get enough phone charge to keep my phone on let alone take pictures, and I left the memory card for the digital slr at home too (and here I am calling out other peoples organisational skills hah!). I did get one of the main stage from the top of the ferris wheel though which kind of makes up for it all.

There are some good pictures floating around facebook too from Theo Acworth, Jess Tomlinson and no doubt more will appear soon!

Despite the event being at Pembrey and me having some kitesurf kit – I failed to go for a session. Must try harder.

UPDATE: Theo put together a quick video of the ramp in action!

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