Few days in Devon kitesurfing Westward Ho!

Westward Ho!

Westward Ho!Westward Ho! is pretty much one of my favourite beaches for kite sports. It combines a simple set up (though car parking is a bit steep) with a large, hard packed sandy beach, good waves with flats between them and the general surfy vibe that Devon and Cornwall seem to have. It is a great landboard spot – the only thing preventing it from being perfect are the patches of soft sand. It is a great kitesurf spot offering both waves and large flat area between waves.

Helping some friends move house from Bristol to Bideford seemed to me (after checking the wind forecast) the perfect reason to take a few days off work to help them out and get some sessions in. It has been insanely busy and hectic at work so the time off had been earned anyway. Monday was consumed entirely by a visit to the hygienist, driving down, and unloading a lorry of stuff and getting the basics sorted in the new house. Tuesday however was looking good so we headed down to Westward Ho!, played around with small kites for a bit, getting Lucy used to a bar and her first run on a landboard. Mike got well into playing with the trainer kite too. I headed out for a water session which was loads of fun though a little underpowered.

After getting a bunch of chores done on Wednesday I headed out on a solo mission this time to get another water session in. This time the wind was blowing a lot stronger making things more fun. The waves were amazing to play on. I need to make sure I get back down there this year!

Kitesurfing Westward Ho! Devon

Another bonus of the trip – I saw a little snake. Not sure what it is – probably a grass snake though. First snake I have ever seen in England I think., After FB comments and further research I think its a Slow Worm now. Not as exciting as a snake really.

Slow worm

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