Brunotti Boards in Amsterdam

I had never been too sure about Amsterdam – it just seemed too touristy. However last week was the Brunotti Boards sales meeting and I went over to check out the 2015 boards. Flying to Amsterdam is so easy. Easyjet is fast and easy from Bristol to Schipol and the new app makes checking in etc real quick and easy. Public transport is simple and inexpensive between the airport and town centre too – and this is coming from someone who drives everywhere.

It was really nice to be in the town centre (Rembrandt Square) and not out in the middle of nowhere. First night was a civilised affair – dinner at Flo. Next day a trip to the HQ in Amersfoort. I have already mentioned the awesome kite fin chandeliers and twin tip bar stools. A day of presentations and discussions on the new range (cant show pictures yet!) and all the usual stuff including great snacks was followed up with beers then a trip back to the hotel for a quick shower and more beers.

Dinner was at Pasta Basta – amazing food and singing waiters and waitresses. Pretty random but quite fun. After dinner things got hazy – a couple of bars, some shots, more beers, dutch techno then somehow santa hats and xmas songs.

Breakfast was a struggle. A couple of coffees later and we got back to business. A nice lunch in the sun in Rembrandt Square finished off the meeting and most people headed off to the airport. With only myself and Leftis (Greek importer) left, we decided to hire bikes and explore the city. Cycling in Amsterdam is an experience. It seems like absolute chaos to start with but it seems to work and bikes seem to have priority over everything meaning you are only in real trouble when you encounter other bikes.

The centre of the city is actually not that big at all and easily explored in a couple of hours on bikes. Here are some shots.

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