Devon rocks!

Last friday I took the day off to head down to Devon to visit Lucy’s mum. It was pretty fun to go on a road trip with Lucy. We got the van ready with all the speakers and sub set up again and a nice bed. It was pretty loaded up with kit for the weekend when we would be heading to Wales.

The drive to Devon really is painless. I should go more often considering how easy it and and how beautiful it is down there. We set off early with a cup of coffee and played loud music the whole way. It was fun to hear some of Lucy’s tracks played through my speakers too.

The cottage was beautiful. It was an old coastguard cottage and was really tiny but ever so cosy. We went for a walk to Hartland Point and had a picnic. The walk was a killer. As the bird flies we only covered about 3-4 miles, but it was constant steep hills making it really hard on the legs.

We got real lucky with the weather. It was a bit breezy but glorious sunshine. The scenery was amazing, and the rocks looked awesome. The fault lines were all over the place. I couldnt help but take a load of photos!

After returning to the cottage we took a walk down to the beach. It was so sunny we just had to chill for a bit with a beer and enjoy it. That evening we had a nice quiet one in and got an early night. The next day we had to be up early and hit the road again on our way to Llanelli for the Wind and Watersports Exhibition.

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