The bread maker

My bread

Since my move to the country a month ago I have been working on creating a healthier lifestyle. One element of that is controlling what I eat, eating less processed food and reducing my impact on the world. Being more self sufficient is pretty fun too.

Store bought bread is full of sugar and random preservatives to help keep it fresher for longer. For some reason we seem to expect fresh food to remain fresh for ages nowadays which has led food companies to mess with food.

I crave bread. The smell of fresh bread is something most people enjoy. The sense of fulfillment you get from making something and eating it is pretty immense too. Enter the bread maker. I now get fresh bread smell every two days and the joy of eating my own bread. On top of that it can make cakes,doughs and jam. Jam! In a bread maker!

My bread

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  1. how happy I am to have had an influence on your life in this small way by buying the maker of super bread. For Xmas I may buy you a small goat. Await a lecture on transfats in the near future. Love and kisses. Mother once removed x

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