Dune soaring at Aberavon

I was too late and the wind had picked up so dreams of paragliding at Nantymoel went out of the window. Plan B was to try the sand dunes at Aberavon. I have heard of people flying here, but the dunes are also a little small – making it harder to fly. When we got down on the beach, the wind was not quite at the right angle, and was blowing in from a side a bit. Marcus went up and it seemed to be working great though. Before long Greg joined him in the air. After snapping away for a few minutes I went up too. Seeing all the fun made Alex reconsider his decision not to fly. Then there was four of us going up and down the dunes. What a great evening!

Unfortunately no cameras this time so just phone shots. The light was kind of hard, and it was more about the flying, so just a few snaps.


  1. Where’s the best place to park for the Aberavon dunes please?

    1. As close to the Naval Social Club as you can is the best in terms of short walk. Right in front of the club there is a path to walk down to the beach there then walk up the beach till you find a suitable place to launch and fly.

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