Sunset Paragliding over the Malverns

This was probably the last after work flight of the year! The amount of light after work is quickly drawing in and autumn is generally a windy time of year. The was a very small weather window last night for a flight before high winds and rain were forecast. By the time I got up to the launch area it was already a fair bit windier than I was hoping. Greg and Alex were in the air. I got set up and could feel the wind was not quite what I was hoping for. I moved over to a slightly different aspect of the slope, waited for a lull and went for it. I got ripped off the ground and before I knew it I was flying. A spicier launch than I had hoped for, but it felt comfortable once I was in the harness.

We flew around and enjoyed being up in the air. Although on the windy side, it was pretty smooth and I felt comfortable. The sun was already low, casting a soft orange glow. We cruised up the ridge and decided it was too windy to top land easily. Luckily Greg left his car at the bottom, so we headed down for the bottom landing option. Amazingly the landing field was almost totally still – a stark contrast to the strong breeze up top.

Greg got some shots on his phone too! It is hard to do it justice on phone/gopro photos.

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