Early Morning SUP

Early Morning River Wye

SUP is an odd sport – it is not particularly exciting but it is amazingly good physical exercise and always fun. Inland rivers are great places to SUP and in the UK we are lucky to have a lot of rivers! For us watersports enthusiasts, living inland is a bit of a hassle, so getting in the water without having to drive for hours is amazing.

Getting up early is not something I am usually associated with. I am not really a morning person full stop. However – Oli suggested a before work SUP session. As it turns out I am able to deal with exercise first thing in the morning. Getting up early and heading out for a SUP clears your head and sets you up for the day. It is also surprisingly social. SUPing provides loads of opportunity to chat which is also great given I work in a tiny business in the middle of nowhere. Most of our business is done over the phone and email so on a day to day basis I do not get to see many people. The same applies to Oli.

Pumping up

After a couple of early morning outings – I can see this being a more regular thing. We have tried various points on the Lugg and Wye so far. Plenty more to explore plus other rivers and lakes.

Early Morning River Wye

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