Flysurfer Innovation Days – Chia, Sardinia 2010

The pool at the Aquadulci Hotel

Every year Flysurfer hold a dealer meeting to discuss new product releases, test product, and get market feedback from all the distributors and the major retailers. It is a great chance to network and speak to people with similar interests and lifestyles. It is really worthwhile attending this type of event. With it being a kiteboarding company the locations tend to be pretty awesome too. Last year’s event was held at Lake Como in Italy. This year it was Chia, in the south of Sardinia. Somewhere I had never been to before.

I went with Marcus Woodbridge (hit the link to check out his blog) who works with ATB Shop and is a massive Flysurfer fan. After a little bit of hassle and loads of re arranging bags at Stansted we got onto the plane and eventually left. The pilot sounded like a pissed up Boris Johnson and the flight was turbulent. Luckily on arrival and switching on my phone I got a call from FS marketing director Ramon telling me he was going to come pick us up. That was great news considering it was a sunday night and the hotel was an expensive taxi ride away. The hotel was lovely – they even left us some food in our room which was most appreciated.

The week went well – we got some flying in and got plenty of meetings in. It took a day to figure out the menu but once I did, the food turned out to be excellent. The new kite released was the Flysurfer Viron – an entry level depower kite. Early next year there will be more news too. I can’t wait till spring – when I plan on getting a lot more kiting in and spreading the FS love.

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