Petrano Wind Experience July 2010

monte petrano wind experience

Guido is the MBS agent in Italy and a really nice guy. He has been over to the UK a few times in the last couple of years and I always promise to visit in Italy. Finally I got my chance in July. They were hosting a small kite event at Monte Petrano, a mountain top flying site a couple of hours from Ancona. It was a fun event, the weather was good, we got wind and it was fun to see an underdeveloped scene full of excitement and novelty. I took MBS team rider Lewis Wilby with me to show his stuff off to the Italian kite world. Lewis is a good traveller and you need that when your going to be stuck on top of a mountain living in a tent with someone for a week.

The mountain provided some really fun flying conditions with loads of updrafts and thermals. I had never really noticed just how good my Flysurfer Speed 3 kites were at hunting out thermals. They packed down nice and small too which was handy given what a pain Ryanair are when it comes to weight allowances.

A full article on the trip together with some great photos taken by Andrea Guerrini can be found in the latest issue of Powerkite Magazine.

Monte Petrano – Petrano Wind Experience 2010 PowerKiteMag

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