I wanna ride more waves!

Waveriding at Oxwich Bay

Waveriding at Oxwich BayAfter spending a long time not really knowing where my kiting was going I have found something which really makes me want to spend every windy day in the water again. It is strapless waveriding. The feeling first hit me when it was nuking one day and I went out on a small kite. Small kites are not fun to jump with as they are very fast and vicious, but have very little float, so you come down almost as fast as you went up. With waveriding, you stay much closer to the water and ride a bigger board allowing you to get away with less power in the kite. The technicality of kitesurfing strapless is immense, but very addictive. Trying new disciplines is great for the mind, as it is a new learning curve, and you progress fast.

I have started working with a new brand which is focused entirely on this style of riding. For now, my weapon of choice is the Newave Play 5’8″. However in low winds and flatter conditions the skimboard is a load of fun. I have finally got my Unity kites too. The Flysurfer Unity has been due out for months, but production issues with the new bar held it up. The Unity is great for waveriding, it is immensely stable, turns fast, and drifts well.

Last weekend I went to Oxwich bay in south Wales with Oli from Mutiny Kites. We were both totally into the strapless riding even though there was not a lot in the way of waves but it takes a lot of time to get comfortable riding with no straps. It seems almost ridiculous not to have straps but that is where the fun lies. It was a real buzz to ride again. Hoping to get out this weekend too.

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