Winter kitesurfing in Wales

It has been a long time since I have managed two sessions in two days (months). Saturday I had a beautiful sunny sunset session at Pembrey. There were a few people out when I arrived but within very little time I was left alone on this epic beach with just the odd dog walker. I wish I had taken a photo but given the lowish tide I had done enough walking by the time I got back to the van and was not up for going back to take shots.

I got to fly a 10m Flysurfer Unity. This kite has impressed me in the higher winds. It is such a mellow and well behaved kite. The low wind performance is not really there but that is what the Speed 3 is for. The kite just makes me feel safe which is why I kept riding even though I was the only one out. Flying off the kickers was great fun.

On Sunday it was an early start and a session at Llanelli. It was considerably colder than the Saturday! So far I had been wearing my old faithful oneill psycho 5/3 full of holes and with cut off legs. It is officially now too cold for that so I am looking forward to my new Xcel Infiniti being delivered this week. I will dig out the boots, gloves and hood too!

I rode the 10m Unity again. It is a great freeride kite. The wind was very up and down meaning you were digging your back foot in hard one minute and bombing along then working the kite as hard as possible the next. It got pretty tiring pretty quick. My bare feet and hands started getting very cold so I called it a day.

Pretty happy to get some socks and shoes on after that however early december with no booties is a first in recent years! Just goes to show how mild it really has been.

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