Oxwich Bay, The Gower

When I get a weekend off I like to kitesurf if conditions allow it. After years living in the North East (Hull) I have it ingrained in my head wind is predominantly from the SW in the UK. Having moved to the SW, I can now say wind is never in the right direction enough. On this particular weekend it was blowing from the East. After seeking out some local knowledge I found out that Oxwich was the place to head for. It is also a really nice beach and pretty scenic. Lucy and I had been wanting to go on our first camping mission of the year so decided to load up the van and head to wales late on the friday evening. The plan was to park up sleep and then enjoy the sun and sea the next day. It turns out there isnt much room to park anywhere round there but as we got there late the pub car park was fine.

The following morning we drove round the corner into the car park and saw just how awesome the beach was! The wind was pretty light and not many people were managing to stay upwind. I opted to set up the wind shield, bask in the sun and have a cooked breakfast and wait for it to pick up a bit. A couple of hours later people were still struggling but I busted out my 15m Flysurfer Speed 3 and was soon flying up and down no problem. That evening we cooked up some epic burgers (photo below), then moved back to the pub car park.

Sunday came and the weather was as amazing as it had been on Saturday. Unless you wanted to kitesurf, it was perfect. The sun was hot! I spent the day chilling, drawing and wishing I had a paddleboard. Really looking forward to exploring more of the Welsh coastline!

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