Vitoria, Alava, Basque Country

Vitoria Cathedral Alava

Last week I had the chance to make a flying visit to the Basque country. I have never been in this area of northern Spain! It was pretty cool to get the chance to go. We were going on top secret business (of course!). Unfortunately we had to fly from Stansted. This is about as bad as it gets in terms of airports. I travel a fair bit so am used to airport security. I have not set the alarms off for years and my bags have never been pulled for searching. Stansted pulled my bags because my plastic bag with my toiletries in was too big for their machine. This is the same plastic bag which has flown from various airports in the UK without any problems. It took an hour to go from check in to the gate. I will be doing my best from now on to avoid Stansted at all costs.

Once in Spain it was all good and dandy. Everyone was very hospitable, the hotel was great, the company we visited were great. The product we looked at was impressive and created a lot of food for thought. I love the laid back lifestyle in Spain. I love how no one seems to be in a rush and how in the evenings families go for a walk together and have a drink.

I love Spanish food – I got to eat loads of local delicacies given how long I was there. My spanish is rusty though, and the mixture between Castellano (spanish) and Euskadi (basque) is pretty confusing.

On the return journey, what took an hour at Stansted took almost 2 minutes in Bilbao. An altogether much nicer process. A whirlwind trip but hopefully more to come from this soon!

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