Paragliding at Hay Bluff

Take off is a 20 minute steep carry up from the common below to the top of Hay Bluff. Normally we fly the NW face but this time we were flying the NE face. After waiting out a rain cloud the wind picked up forcing even more waiting. An hour after reaching the take off I took off. It was nice soaring conditions. Easy to stay up and get some height. Thermal activity was minimal though and it was hard to get high – not a day to try and go far.

As I got some good height I ventured across the gap to Lord Hereford’s Knob aka Twmpa. Encountering heavy sink as I got there, and unable to find any lift once there I failed to make it all the way back onto the NE ridge of the Bluff forcing me to slope land. A hot walk back up to the top then it was time to fly again.

The views from hiking up Hay Bluff are good – but once you get a bit higher they are even better. The site is on the edge of the Black Mountains and you can clearly see into the Brecon Beacons.

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