Snowboarding in Chatel

Another year and another winter season kicked off. A few days work in La Clusaz showing the new snowboard product before heading to Chatel for some riding. The first day was a full on riding day with Phil and we pretty much did a greatest hits lap of the resort hitting all the classics. So good to finally get a good solid days riding in. I barely had time to think about getting a camera out so not a lot to show for this.

The next day the weather was less good. Visibility was variable at best and together with the tracked out snow from the day before it was a bumpy ride. It did snow all day though, so it was worth riding for a few hours. I played briefly with a new GoPro Hero 7 to check out the photo settings but we all know they are not ideal when the light isnt good. The snow kept coming and I rode all the way to the van.

Day three and everything came together – fresh snow had fallen overnight on top of the previous days constant snowing, and blue skies at last. Avoiding the crowds in Chatel we headed down the valley to La Chapelle and then rode over to Torgon on the Swiss side. These smaller resorts are dieing as no one visits them, but there was so much un-tracked snow even at midday that you would just not get in a major resort.

We cruised over to Super Chatel and did a couple of runs of the Morclan. This is the mountain that overlooks the village of Chatel which on this day offered a good long run with some nice turns. Here is a quick video from our first run down. Really impressed with how smooth footage looks with this!

Another month now till more time in the snow!

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