Paragliding at Rhossili

Paragliding at Rhossili

After flying the Malverns this was the other major spot I wanted to fly at this summer. Having kitesurfed at Llangennith for years it was good to finally get the chance. The day started a bit slowly with a hangover. After a good breakfast I cruised down to Swansea to go talk foils with Matt at the SUP Hut then headed down to the Gower to give foil sup a go. As I got down there I saw loads of people flying over Rhossili. I dropped Marcus a message, but signal was dodgy so I just focused on building my foil up and heading down to the beach. After a couple hours of paddling I got back to the van to see Marcus was at Rhossili. I packed up and headed over.

The wind had picked up – there was no one flying now. Eitherway I figured I would hike up to take off, check out the spot and wait for a bit. After a short, steep hike to the take off I got to see the stunning views. 20 minutes after getting to take off a tandem took off after a couple of botched attempts. It felt like the wind had dropped a bit and it felt pretty steady. I set up and joined the tandem out there. This is probably one of the most aesthetically perfect flying sites in the UK.

After taking some shots Marcus joined me in the air for a stunning sunset flight! Can’t wait to fly here again!

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