Paragliding the Malverns

Paragliding over the Malverns

This has been one of my bucket list sites since learning to paraglide. Only 20 minutes away and a massive ridge to ride along. One of the larger sites that lends itself to getting some height. Years ago Dave took me up in a tandem there after I watched him fly. Finally the conditions came and I had messages from Greg saying the Malverns were working and conditions were nice and stable.

The air was buoyant and gaining height was no problem. It was super stable giving me the time and confidence to fly no hands and get some shots. Being able to get up high meant it was easier to really fly about and do some turns. Probably my best flight in the UK so far!

The walk back up to the top from the landing field is pretty steep and got a good sweat on – but a bit of exercise isn’t a bad thing! Can’t wait to fly there again!

Some of Gregs shots!

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