Photography Practice 1

sunset silhuette

I am that guy who turns the gopro off whilst people do stuff, then on again whilst I move to a new position to film. I have been known to take 200 shots of which 4 are in focus and 1 is any good. In order to remedy that I recently purchased a Canon Powershot SX50 HS. I couldnt be bothered with the expense, weight and faff involved with DSLRs and lenses, but wanted good shots and similar features. I settled on this as it is lightweight, super versatile and has most of the same features in terms of manual modes and shooting in RAW.

To go with it I have adobe lightroom – a whole new world of post processing. Luckily I am pretty familiar with Photoshop so it isnt totally alien. The key is going to be practice so when I use it in anger I have something I can use.

Here are some of tonights practice shots.