Snowboard Spring Break 2014

Another year and another UK snowboard test now known as Snowboard Spring Break and for many the #bestweekoftheyear – it is certainly one of my favourites. For some reason Kaunertal has a habit of delivering the goods year on year. It is a win win situation normally. It either dumps and we ride powder, or its sunny and we hit the infinite little side hits that appear along the edge of the slopes.

This year we got a mixture of both! Compared to the January snowboard test – where it is freezing cold until the sun makes it over the hill, late April to early May make it much more manageable.

The week flew by as ever – a blur of late nights in the time machine that is the local drinking hole (turn up at half nine and an hour later it is 3am – happens every time) and early mornings to set up the stand. The riding conditions were for the most part great and gave me the chance to spend some time on the new Never Summer boards. The Snowtrooper is the the one for next season!

Having recently acquired a camera I took a few more shots than normal! The highlights being the local wood carvings and some avalanche shots – definite right place at the right time images.

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