River Wye Stand Up Paddleboarding

Flysurfer Strider Inflatable Paddle BoardLate last year I had a prototype inflatable SUP board from Flysurfer and had a fun session in the River Lugg. After receiving the production boards a week ago I was keen to go back to that spot. When we got down there the river was much lower than it had been a few months earlier due to the lack of rainfall recently. Plan B was to head down the last bit of the Lugg and join onto the Wye which is much bigger. Turned out to be a great idea. The boards really performed too. I am really happy with them.

We filmed a tiny bit with an ipad and then I had a gopro on my head but the angle was not quite right. There was enough to throw together a quick edit using Lucy and Ollys latest track “Better Now”.

Check out more about the Flysurfer Strider iSUP.

Check our more of Lucy and Ollys music – Lerupo on Soundcloud


  1. Hi Tom – thanks for the video

    how does this compare to a non-inflateable sup ?

    do you think it could be used for (light) kiteboarding ?


    1. Julian, it glides well for flat water especially rivers/lakes/canals and small waves. In anything more than small waves you will want a normal solid board. Light wind kiteboarding is an option, but I dont think it would be any better than a 21m speed 3 and a flydoor.

  2. hi im bring a group to glasbury in august and im trying to sort a sup day or half day but cant seem to find any where do you know of a company


    1. Louise – I really dont know anyone who does much like that round here. Perhaps try SUP Gower – it might be worth their while coming up for the day!

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