Talybont Hike and Fly

Making the most of a small weather window I drove down to Talybont hoping to fly. It is a beautiful site in the middle of the Brecon Beacons with Pen y Fan in the background. It is one of those places that offer a beautiful hike up and even if you don’t fly, it is still a nice outing.

I had not been able to escape till later in the day, so XC was off the cards. A little evening hike and fly was what I was hoping for. The climb up was nice but it was apparent it was pretty windy as I approached the final part of the climb. It felt very strong but I found a nice big area clear of obstacles (ideal if getting dragged backwards) to set up. The were lulls, so I waited for one to take off. On the first attempt I got the glider up but every time I took a step forward, i was lifted and dropped 10 straps back. It was time to abort.

After waiting a little longer I tried again and I was off. It was pretty bumpy in the air. Not relaxing flying. After moving along the ridge a few times looking for smoother conditions and not finding any I pushed out. Flying back across the valley, over the stream and landing safely down at the edge of the woodlands.